Sustainability is here, and it's here to stay! Investors, retail or institutional, are more and more focussing on the social and environmental impact of companies they invest in. Especially now the so called 'millennial' are coming of age, these topics can not be denied in the investment industry.

ESG, Carbon and sustainability analysis

Most of the facts that are gathered to try and score investment instruments such as companies on their ESG behaviour are qualitative and therefor not set in stone. 

Analyzing sustainability of these companies or investment funds -based on these insights- can be a real challenge. Most analysts focus on holdings only and do not aggregate to fund level nor to portfolio level. When using a single source, coverage of the total 

fund may be low because some of the 

holdings simply haven't been scored yet.

Combining sources manually is near to impossible and very time consuming. All the more reason to start using our highly configurable ESG analysis software, that can connects any source of ESG data.

We can use a single source, or combine sources to get a more balanced score for your particular funds or portfolios.

Add your own methodology by penalizing or valuing specific subjects, set thresholds for 

scores, coverage et cetera. With our software, a complete universe of  investment funds can be analyzed in seconds. For each holding, fund or portfolio tailored PDF reports can be generated.

Of course we also offer seamless HTML integration fo your website, which has been built to be responsive and therefor work perfectly on any smart device.


Whether you are interested in one or more of our standard products or services, or want to discuss a specific challenge within your organization, we are always happy to meet with you.