From automated document generation to a full swing fund analysis tool, we have a solution for any of your client reporting or fund analysis challenges. Use one of the standard products in our reporting & analysis suite or choose a tailored solution to fit your specific needs.

Fundscreener DocGenerator, DocLibary and DocSearch 

Monthly factsheets form a frequent point of contact with investors. An investor is required to have taken notice of the KIID of an investment fund, before he or she can do any transactions into that fund in The Netherlands. Issuers and manufacturers are held accountable for the validity and accuracy of these documents. In short, legal documents are a very important part of client communication and information for both issuers and manufacturers. This is why FinFiles has created a suite of software to produce, analyze and publish data and documentation of investment products.

Our Fundscreener allows for user friendly presentation of available informationabout a specific universe of investment products.

This universe can be searched, filtered and analyzed (on a retail investor level). Providing the information the investor or advisor needs, and leaving out the data that has little to no relevance to them is the starting point for every implementation of our fund screener. We can connect any datasource, be it internal or external, or a combination of sources to ensure the best possible experience for the target group.

Our best in class library of legal documents 

for investment products, managed by a high-end, purpose-built document management system and continuously validated by our

data team, provides our clients with high quality, accurate and up-to-date legal documents.

Implemented in any web environment. It is highly configureable and can be implemented in multiple instances with, for instance, varying universes or document types. 


• Over 3.000 products
• More than 40.000 documents
• In 8 languages
• Purpose built management system
• Human verification process 


• Search all documents in docLibrary
• Pre-set queries
• Configure specific universes
• Easy to use
• Full & seamless integration 


• Automated document creation
• Factsheet, KI(I)D, Carbon/ESG reporting 
• Straight Through Processing
•Based on internal data, expand with external data
• Integrated content management system


 • Dynamic presentation of fund facts
• Based on any data source
• Integrated CMS
• Dynamic graphs, bar charts
• Search, compare, create PDF snapshot


Whether you are interested in one or more of our standard products or services, or want to discuss a specific challenge within your organization, we are always happy to meet with you.