There is a continuous increase of regulatory obligations for manufacturers of investment products such as MiFID II (ESG), Solvency II, PRIIPs etc. Different templates endorsed by FinDatEx such as EMT, EPT etc. need to be disseminated to different distributing channels and data vendors. Furthermore the challenge for manufacturers lies in disseminating these files in different formats and using different delivery methods.

On the FinFiles Bridge infrastructure we developed the Disseminator: a full suite dissemination SAAS solution for manufacturers of all sizes to be compliant with a very low TCO.

FinFiles Disseminator

The Disseminator is a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution that helps and unburdens manufacturers (issuers) of investment funds and ETFs with an automated dissemination of the regulatory templates (eg. EMT, EPT etc.) in their desired format, delivery method and frequency to the distribution channels (sources) of their choice.

By default the Disseminator connects to the main leading data vendors & channels such as SIX Financial Information, Thomson Reuters (Refinitiv), Bloomberg, Morningstar, vwd, WM daten, PRIIPsHub, FundConnect, MountainView etc.

Upon request we connect to your local branches, countries or other channels.
Upload, check & validate your EMT or EPT file

Upload your regulatory data files by drag & drop or select file. The Disseminator automatically checks and validates your regulatory file in accordance with the rules and definitions that are set in the templates endorsed by FinDatEx (as part of EFAMA).

Regulatory file status & history overview

Keep track of all your historical regulatory data files of your issued instruments. Furthermore you have an overview of which files have been uploaded, when and by whom it was approved and the timestamp of dissemination.

Dissemination status & Validation results

Check the dissemination status of your data file and get an overview of the validation results including number of errors (and type), number of affected ISINs and the severity. Download an excel report with the highlighted errors to directly adjust and approve your file.

Setup your distribution channels, delivery method and format

You control and setup the distribution channels you would like to disseminate your regulatory data files. Per channel you can set the format (csv, xlsx, XML etc.) and delivery method (email, SFTP etc.).

Data Management - best in class support

The dedicated data management team at FinFiles supports you to assist in the different challenges and queries regarding regulatory data files, versions and their dissemination. You can also choose to outsource the dissemination process of your funds and ETFs to FinFiles.