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Products & Solutions

We create, develop and deliver software solutions and products for manufacturers and distributors of Mutual Funds and ETFs.

Document Library

A fully compliant and state-of-the-art solution that collects, controls and disseminates all legal docs you need for your investors.


The leading exchange platform for regulatory data and legal documentation for all pan-European mutual funds and ETFs.

Data Management

Control, streamline and publish your fund and ETF universe in the most efficient, compliant and easy way to connect to any (internal) portal, app or website.


Automatically disseminate your validated regulatory data files in your chosen format and delivery method to your preferred channels.


FinFiles created the Fundscreener for ABN-AMRO, one of the largest private banks in Europe. Clients, leads and prospect investors of ABN-AMRO can easily filter, search and compare funds and ETFs in seconds.

The Fundscreener is part of our mid-office range of solutions that enables both issuers and distributors of investment products to seamlessly control, manage, integrate and publish their fund data and information. Integrations with our Document Library are available for a 100% compliant, accurate and complete overview of all available legal documents (KIID, Factsheet, Prospectus etc.) from more than 700 asset managers worldwide.

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